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Other symfony projects - WebSite Re-launched using Symfony

by plan-r » Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:30 pm

I am new to symfony and I was looking for some good examples, how to use symfony for big and high quality websites.

Yesterday I've found out, that the website of TED at - an fascinating "Idea spreading" annual conference in the US and an amazing worldwide community of great thinkers, speakers and doers - has been relaunched by their makers completely with symfony, already in spring 2007.

I don't know, whether this information about has been posted to the symfony blog, forum or Wiki before - but I think it is remarkable.

Take a look at (also take the time to watch some of the talks-videos).

It is not an example of using masses of AJAXified behaviours or a buzzy design ... but imho it's a very good example of a high quality website with growing quantities of content / multimedia content, which has been build using symfony while fitting the needs of the philosophy and the mission TED stands for.

If websites or communities like that use symfony to be build - there are no questions left in the decision whether or not to use symfony :)~ :-)~ :smile:

As a symfony newbie I can see now, what the symfony ideas are good for.

Thanks for symfony!
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Re: - WebSite Re-launched using Symfony

by halfer » Wed Jan 23, 2008 11:59 am

Worth adding here, I think:
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