Legacy site with Symfony 1.0 not loading right classes

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Legacy site with Symfony 1.0 not loading right classes

Postby SomeDude » Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:03 am

I recently had to start making small changes to an existing site so I downloaded it and tried to run it but get an error:

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Call to undefined method sfContext::getController() in /home/user/www/site.com/web/index.php on line 16

I tried to figure out which file is being loaded by inserting these lines with this command in idex.php right before the dispatch call.

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$reflection = new ReflectionClass('sfContext');
$classFile = $reflection->getFileName();


And it looks like file loaded is:

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I checked php version and php.ini and they are identical. I cant figure out why wrong class is being loaded or what the problem is. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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